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COVID-19 Class Order

Toronto Public Health has issued a “class order” aimed at people: with “COVID-19 symptoms“, who test positive, and who have had recent close contact with someone who tested positive. Those […]


Shared Facilities Agreement

This can have a significant cost impact on the corporation when the building has mixed use facilities.  Where developers do not install separate metering for things like water, electricity, and […]


Sales or Leaseback of Units and Common Elements

In some cases, developers have been treating what was thought to be common building elements (e.g., party rooms and gyms) as separate from the building.  After the expense of purchasing […]


Material Changes

Existing consumer protection rules allow condo buyers an absolute right to change their mind about the purchase without penalty during a 10-day cooling off period.  Specific to a condo purchase, […]


Disclosure Statements and Declarations

These documents are important to the new condo buyers as they set out key mandatory conditions for owning a condo unit.  They are put together by the developer and will […]


Disclosure of Known Costs

Everyone know that low maintenance fees are an attractive decision driver to condo purchases. It is also well known is that developers make that first-year’s operating budget as attractive as […]


Condo Project Websites

Most people go to the web first for their information about any and everything. New rules will require developers to have dedicated websites for their condo projects. The website is […]


Origin of New Condo Act

Origin of New Condo Act The amendments to the Act was a response to the rapid growth in numbers and varieties of condominiums in Ontario.  The government organized five working […]