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Frequently asked questions

Property management companies are definitely users of this service.  The information managed in the service belongs to the condo corporation and the property management company works for the condo corporation, so the corporation is the authorizing body

The service removes frictions between condo corporations and property managers by automating processes that had been a problem because they were done manually


As with manual processes the service cannot prevent a motivated individual from sharing information.  There are ways to restrict printing and downloading, however, if there are real concerns then changes to the condo’s by-laws to prohibit sharing would be an additional deterrent

Legal changes now require electronic storage and active disclosure of information. This has changed in the roles and responsibilities of condo directors, owners, and property managers who were already overworked under the old rules.

The free services are great for simple informational websites – as long as the condo has someone dedicated to maintaining the site.  Condo corporations have needs for things like sophisticated security, information management and user accounts management.  These functions are not part of a free service.

There is a cost to making and distributing notices in a paper form that can be saved by using our service.  Notices that are not retrieved by unit owners then becomes garbage that needs to be removed by cleaners

A technology marketing organization called The Radicati Group published stats on email usage.  The average person receives about 88 personal messages per day and only about 30% are acted on. Our service provides a place where owners always have access to relevant information and don’t need to dig through the clutter of their inbox

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