InCondorol's Services For You

Satisfying the needs of your condominium

Our Services*

We offer value pricing based on the storage needs of your custom site. Choose from a starter package with the essential components from $0.00 /month /unit.  As your needs grow, move to a more sophisticated package for an incremental cost.

Private Website

Exclusive content about your building and the surrounding area. Access is restricted to registered owners.


Community Forum

A messaging and discussion service for all owners, focusing on what is happening in and around the building.

Information Library

One stop secure location for important information that owners and directors need. Instant access to approved documents – day or night.

Service Centre

Use the service centre to report a problem you’ve noticed in the building and get real-time updates on the status of the work.

News Feed

Stay on top of the latest  news and information that will impact your condo. Choose your source from the Mayor to Condo Authority.

Booking Calendar

Search for the availability and reserve your use of common elements through your mobile or laptop.

Video Conferencing

Have a face-to-face meeting when a physical location is not available. Use video conferencing capabilities for internal meetings.

Under Construction

We are constantly taking feedback from our clients and look to add more value-added services – stay tuned.

What's In it for you

Condo Directors & Owners

  • Information relevant to you
  • Comply with health and by-law Requirements
  • Improve Communication
  • 24/7 Secure Access
  • Save Time and Money

Condo Developers

  • Save Time and Money by Outsourcing
  • Extend Marketing Themes
  • Comply with Disclosure Requirements
  • Secure Access for Project Information
  • Real-time Status Reporting

Property Managers

  • Save Time and Money Managing Documents
  • Outsource Website Expertise
  • Streamline Administrative Processes
  • Comply with Legal Requirements
  • Improve Communications

Key Features

  • Mobile Accessible
  • Customization
  • Simplify legal compliance
  • Transparency
  • Peace of mind

It's easy

One-time setup and a monthly subscription fee that works out to be a few specialty coffees for each owner per month.

*All of our services include ongoing management and maintenance support at no additional cost