About us

With our office located in condo rich Toronto, we have in-depth experience and an inside understanding of the roles, responsibilities and complexities involved in the condo living community

To a deep condo experience we bring over two decades of technology experience working to develop and support multiple solutions on a variety of software platforms that serve as few as a dozen to thousands of users.  We cover the gambit of the technology profession as senior solutions managers, software developers, project managers, business analysts and architects.

Restaurant design

Why A Condo Service

We did not start out to build InCondorol – one day we found ourselves complaining about similar things in our condo experience as we rolled our eyes in frustration.  It was years later when a small group of us decided to stop trading horror stories and started looking for success stories.

Good News Hunting

Over a one year period we held several condo owner sessions aimed at getting to the good things about condo life.  We heard some great stories about condos – how they provided so many amenities under one roof and their proximity to great parts of cities.  We also heard a lot of familiar complaints about being under informed and the desire for greater transparency in the operation.  This is when we thought we could keep complaining or try to turn some of those familiar challenges into new opportunities.

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